Saturday, February 25, 2006


got myself a phone now
# 0014156300112

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

san francisco #6

i hooked up with the myggen brothers yesterday and spent the night at thier pad, after spending most of the day walking around china town with jorg the computer wizz from my class. just like me he loves all that asian junk you can find there.
what struck me first was that it acually feels like you are in china. only the tourist's are not asian and all the signs are in chinese. pretty cool acually sort of feels like you are in a china themed amusement park. we found this neat sushi place called the sushi boat resturant where the sushi is served in small boats sailing around the bar and you just take the kind you like. and you pay according the color of the plate. after that we bought some smoke bombs and this cool japanese movie called cassern, it's like sky captain and the world of tomorrow times a thousand.

dan and nick myggen are friends of mine from bording school. they have this sweet apartment just outside of the city of the bay brige on yerba buena (the good herb) island. right next to tresure island (man i love these names). the flat was real nice it had all the latest video game consoles a movie projector, a bar, a huge film collection a big patio with a brand new gas barbeque grill plus a view of all of down town san francisco and a red pool table. we pretty much just hung out for the night blazed up the grill and ate spicy hot dawgs. nick was talking about how he could sort me out with camera gear and stuff. since i'm in the film documentation group this was great to hear. their dad lives in los angeles and they asked me if i whanted to tag along for their next visit. so it looks like you'll get te LA lodown soon. here's a picture of dan in the living room.

san francisco #5

san francisco #4

Sunday, February 19, 2006

will ferrell rules

san francisco #4

ok so i went to haight street yesterday (pronounced hate street). iv'e have wanted to go there since i was like 14 years old and first heard about the grateful dead from my friend alice while i was living in sri lanka. it was me hanne and dilja who went there. both hanne and dilja are total second hand store buffs. for those of you that don't know haight street is or was the epicenter for the whole hippie culture. first off i would like to say fuck all you hippie haters (exept for hunter s thompson r.i.p) if you have no understanding for the hippie mentality you must be a very sad and deprived person. that whole idea of free love and total mellowing out really appeals to me.
to bad i missed it with like 40 years cuz that original hippie vibe is now replaced with the hippie aquivalent of disney land. anything for a buck. don't get me wrong i love all of it. there wasn't one single store on the whole street i diddn't want to buy something in. man there was everything you could emagine from obscure record stores, the best second hand shopping you could ask for, the lates't vinyl artsy action figures, over stocked book stores, hippie/ punk/ hip hop/ goth paraphernalia, great food, hip street wear, fresh kicks and to top it off the best record/dvd store i have ever seen ameba records. it was actually so good that i had to leave almost right away, it was just too much of the good stuff. and you know it takes a lot of good stuff for me to say that.
bottom line: if you'r thinking of going to san francisco and not going to haight street, go to new york instead.

san francisco #3

dilja on haight street

the kid robot store on haight

ipod crossfader found in the mac store

local talent on haight

funky car

Saturday, February 18, 2006

movie time#1

san francisco #2

this is jonas, haakon, thomas and me standind infront of the houses you see in the beginning of the tv show full house (how touristy can you get) to bad it was to dark to see any thing. and now you all think im lying. check out the link to jo's blogg he's got some films from yesterday on there.

Friday, February 17, 2006

san francisco #1

wow so i'm finally here, san francisco. right now its 5:30 in the morning and i am wide awake (still on cet). yesterday me, hanne, per and måns whent out to check out the scene. the first thing we did was find this great chinese resturant on the outskirts on china town. it didn't look like much from the outside, we sat down and started reading the menue which made as much sence to us as an arabic cartoon made in denmark. after a while the chef came up too us and said you guys havent been here before have you? don't worry i'll take care of you. and he sure did, some of the best chinese food iv'e ever had kept comming in and i felt like i was attending one of leonard dinner partys (read the book my friend leonard by james frey. but not after you read a million litttle pieces by the same author). after they brought out about six different dishes they finaly said this is the last one, by that time all of us were so stuffed we hardly could move. these two guys sitting next to us, one really old chinese and one younger jewish looking guy asked us "how did you find this place?" we said "well we were hungry and this was a resturant". and they were all " you guys got real lucky cuz this is like the best chinese food in all of san francisco, but only locals know about it". felt good that we didn't fall into a tourist trap right away.
after that we pretty much just went crusin' arount town. måns and per got attention all the time for wearing those training jackets. one crack dealer said you "dudes look like some surfin bowling team" and a porn show portier yelled "hey nice jackets! no admission fee." that was pretty funny but i dont think i gonna hang out with them if they both wear those sports jackets again.
gotta go se the golden gate now.
stay tuned for more

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

3 more days

got my all my hippie gear sorted. next stop is san francisco. rate my outfit. check out boutani rockin the arabdisco look.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

chicken mc knowledge #4

this guy here to the right is my friend frank. here he is hanging out with some singer girl in her new video.
frank is a great photographer check out his homepage the links to the right.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

chicken mc knowledge #3

spike jonze one of my favorite directors
(beeing john malkovich, addaptation, where the wild things are (pre-production) + every single cool music and skateboard video you ever seen)
has made this short documentary called
Amarillo by morning about some kids (teens) in texas
who all want to be bullriders. you can find it on
his collected music video dvd. this is one of the
most inspiring films iv'e ever seen. these kids
get bullied for beeing the only cowboys in their
school all the other kids are hip hopers. so they spent
their time barrel bull riding (riding a fake bull made out of a barrel). check it out. dont forget to checkout what's up fatlip
on the same dvd it's a film about the the fallen rapper fatlip from the hip hop group the pharcyde, extremly funny and a bit sad at the same time.

this is the song that inspired the title of the film.
george strait wrote the lyrics but it's best perormed by
chris le deux who happens to be the kids in the films favorite country singer.

Amarillo by morning, up from san antone.
Everything that I’ve got is just what I’ve got on.
When that sun is high in that texas sky
I’ll be bucking it to county fair.
Amarillo by morning, amarillo I’ll be there.

They took my saddle in houston, broke my leg in santa fe.
Lost my wife and a girlfriend somewhere along the way.
Well I’ll be looking for eight when they pull that gate,
And I’m hoping that judge ain’t blind.
Amarillo by morning, amarillo’s on my mind.

Amarillo by morning, up from san antone.
Everything that I’ve got is just what I’ve got on.
I ain’t got a dime, but what I got is mine.
I ain’t rich, but lord I’m free.
Amarillo by morning, amarillo’s where I’ll be.
Amarillo by morning, amarillo’s where I’ll be.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

mc knowledge #2

in the movie walk the line about johnny cash, starring joaquin phoenix and reese witherspoon. june carter (johnny's wife) gives johnny a book called the prophet (by kahlil gibran). i thought this was really cool because my first real girlfriend maja gave me this book a long time ago and it's agreat book it explains just about everything you need to know about life, love, death and all kinds of things that make life worth living.
you can read the whole book on the link to the right.
tell me what you think and give me your input.
by the way check out that movie it rules and if you are not a johnny cash fan drop dead.

Monday, February 06, 2006

going to cali

thats right in less than 10 days me and my class is going on a three month trip to sanfrancisco.
i am so stoked, ive never been to california before but ive been om my way for my entire life.
so the point of this blogg is to keep you all uppdated on whats happening with me over there.
stay cool

mc knowledge #1

urban menace 1999

snoop dogg
big pun
fat joe
albert pyun

ok so here is the plot. some church in the getto gets burned down and all the kids inside die. caleb the preacher (snoop) sees this and
you can just see it in his face that he's out for revenge. evryone knew it was the mob boss crow (big pun) that got the church burnt down
but the cops are obviously on the pay roll so on one gets locked up.
a year later all the pimps, hustlas, hos, ganstas, pushers, jackers, pigs and crackers all start winding up dead. it's like it's some crasy demonised hellish freak is on the loose. well it's accually snoop back to seek vengeance and is jumpng around in all black killing badguys with a kinfe.
crow sends out his best men to get the freak, one of these guys is sort of the main charakter because he has just rated crow out to the cops
in exchange for getting his family out of the hood... bla bla bla all this is fast forward action.
stop when you see fat joe or big pun rewind a bit so you don't miss a second. aah... this is great. first of as you probably figured out none of these two can act whatsoever and the dialogue sounds like they reading it of que cards but trying to freestyle in cool shit to make it more gangsta.
with fat joe you can actually make out what hes saying sometimes but with pun you don't even care what he's trying to say he just makes some wierd noises with his throat that usally stars and ends with a fuck related word. look at him! he looks like pizza the hut from spaceballs but with the melted cheese on the inside. this guys biggest musical hit was i ain't a playa i just fuck alot, he went to fat camp twise lost a hundred pounds both times but got them back as soon as he got back to his barrio. he died in 2000 from aheart attack due to overwight (rip).
the parts with pun and joe are the best parts of the movie there are about three scenes with these two in the movie and the rest is all kinda running around in abandoned warehouses bad action pointless.
almost forgot ice-t exept for narrating (when in doubt use voice over) shows up in the begning and end to give one of his classical freedom of speech repeaters, you know the "do you get offended by words like..."

my verdikt

out of 72 min only 20 were worth watching.
made me laugh though.