Sunday, February 19, 2006

san francisco #4

ok so i went to haight street yesterday (pronounced hate street). iv'e have wanted to go there since i was like 14 years old and first heard about the grateful dead from my friend alice while i was living in sri lanka. it was me hanne and dilja who went there. both hanne and dilja are total second hand store buffs. for those of you that don't know haight street is or was the epicenter for the whole hippie culture. first off i would like to say fuck all you hippie haters (exept for hunter s thompson r.i.p) if you have no understanding for the hippie mentality you must be a very sad and deprived person. that whole idea of free love and total mellowing out really appeals to me.
to bad i missed it with like 40 years cuz that original hippie vibe is now replaced with the hippie aquivalent of disney land. anything for a buck. don't get me wrong i love all of it. there wasn't one single store on the whole street i diddn't want to buy something in. man there was everything you could emagine from obscure record stores, the best second hand shopping you could ask for, the lates't vinyl artsy action figures, over stocked book stores, hippie/ punk/ hip hop/ goth paraphernalia, great food, hip street wear, fresh kicks and to top it off the best record/dvd store i have ever seen ameba records. it was actually so good that i had to leave almost right away, it was just too much of the good stuff. and you know it takes a lot of good stuff for me to say that.
bottom line: if you'r thinking of going to san francisco and not going to haight street, go to new york instead.


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