Thursday, March 30, 2006

lake havasu

you fellas ain't from around here are ya?

ok it's thursday night and i was thinking off doing some school work when oscar calls me up and says, "we are on the bay bridge now heading to arizona we are commig to pick you up!".
there wasn't much i could say they pretty much kidnaped me.
so there we were five skandinavians heading for lake havasu.
it was haakon (nor), thomas (dan), oscar (dan), sören (dan) and me (swe)
cruising down highway 5 in oscar's white cadilac eldorado '78.
after about four hours the engine started to smoke and we had to wait for it to cool down.
when we starded the car (moby chick) again it was making this wierd noise som we didn't want to keep on the highway. so we got of and ended up in the up beeing towed since the cadilac totally died after another hour to the small town called mendota (the cantilope center of the world). we spent the night five guys in a motell room and got totally toasted.
the next day we whent down to the mechanics to find out that the cadilac was totally dead. so we ended up bying a new car an '87 ford mercery (my first car). it cost about 500 dollars split five ways.
the town of mendota is totally populated by mexians so we bought ourselfs cowboy hats to blend in, don't think it worked though cuz we were beeing checked out by everyone like we were some kind of crazy gringo circus freak show band.
so that is what when we decided to become "the moby chicks" (in tribute to our fallen cadilac).
oscar on drums, haakon on lead guitar, me on bass and sören and thomas are still fighting over who is lead vocals.

so now the moby chicks are heading down the 5 in our new (old) car listening to radio espanol rocking our fresh cowboy hats sticking out like sore thumbs.

a few houres later the battery started to act up so we got a new one. about fortyfive minutes after that the mecury just up and died on us in the middle of the mojave dessert at 2 two in the morning.
there we were stuck in the middle of nowere with giant truks passing every twenty seconds. haakon and thomas were trying to stop cars for a jump start, when we suddenly hear " get out of the road!!!".
it was the cops and they called a towtruck for us.
it took the tow dude about fortyfive minutes to get there and in the mean time we just hung out watched the beautiful clear star light night while listening to none other than johnny cash. at one point i acually saw a shooting star and haakon said quick wish for something. but even though we were stuck in the middle of nowere with a broke down car basically up shit creek without a paddle i couldn't think of a single thing i would have had different.

the tow duder totally ripped us off (asshole) and the motell he took us to had no vacancies, so we all had to sleep five guys in the car (yeah that pretty much sucked).

next morning we had to power up our battery and head back the same way we came cuz there were no aoutshops in our direction. we ended up in a town called barstow. we fund out by a local dude in a 25 cent store that it was the crank (methamphetamine) capital of the world. he said that at least 50% of the population were on that shit. we saw some pretty strung out people there acting wierd on the street. we walked into a real gloomy bar while they were fixing up our car.
the bar "katz" was like taken out of some tarantino flick, the place hadn't been cleaned since opening day, the walls were covered with trucker hats and beer ads plus every one in the place stopped what they were doing and stared our way when the moby chicks came though the door wearing cowboy hats and all (seriously nobody wears cowboy hats here) looking like aliens to these guys. if this had been a hundred years ago it probably would have ended up with a shoot out in the alley out back.
we sucked down some suds and waited for the mercery to get fixed.

it was saturday now and it had taken us three days to make a nine houre trip and we were loving every second of it. i just love hangnig around people who are possitivly inclined to everything all the time. i was thinking what if we had brought some booring money counting negativ person with us. that could have messed up the entire trip.

so the ride got hooked up and runned perfectly and we continued down the highway. three hours later we were finaly att our destination lake havasu. why did we choose this place as our final destination? well i didn't have much say in that cuz it was already decided before they even picked me up.
here's why lake havasu is one of the big spring break hangouts. that means that college kids from all around flock to this place and party like crazy (girls gone wild).
it was so cheesy you wouldn't belive, it was like the sthlm water festival in bikinis and sufershorts and us in cowboy hats.
im telling you we were the only ones in the whole place with some kind of style but people still yelled "hey brokeback mountain" after us down the street haha.

we stayed there for two nights and had a blast rented a boat, party'd, ate steaks, rocked the whole moby chicks thing and had a the best time ever.

road trips rule
and remeber it's all about the trip not the destination.

Monday, March 20, 2006

san francisco #14

wow! ok saturday night was probably one of the best party nights iv'e ever had,
shit was crazy. it started of with this dinner with our princepal uffe elbeck who has just come over from denmark for a quick visit at this place called asia sf. it was linn corinne and oscar from my art group my team leader kristin, christian strike his wife kate (more about them later.), karin, uffe his lover and me. the place was great all the waiters are the hotest transvestites i've ever seen. and they were all like "how you dooin' sweetie your drinks will be right over cutiepie, wow you look sweet tonight sugar" and beeing super toutchy feely. i'm telling you it was real confusing cuz you would find your self checking out some dude in a wig and hotpants. the food was good and just keept comming. every half an hour the lights dimmed and the crowd stated cheering that meat it was time for a show. there was a bar in the middle of the resturant that they used for a catwalk and then it really got crazy. and then i struck me that im am sitting with my teacher(kristin), the second in command at school(karin) and my principal(uffe) and we were having a blast. i love this school.

after that we wen't to rolf arne's (norwegian names gotta love 'em) place for his birthday party. that was wild. but after the neighbor complained we had to leave.
we ended up at this club called fluid down town. and beeing twenty kaos pilots we did what we do best, completely take over the place. there was booty shakin' all over. and when that place closed down marie had hooked up with the dj and we went limo riding and ended up in some v.i.p room in some other club and it just keept going, that night was of the hook (always wanted to use that expression).

how many girls are on the pictures in this post?
winner gets a brand new cadillac

Sunday, March 12, 2006

pata frank ziggy

three generations of coolness
miss ya.
keep it damp.

lake tahoe

my first real road trip.
me, dan, nick (the myggens) and their friend john when't up to lake tahoe this friday to go snowboarding. it was great! the snow blows of your board like dust of a windshield, its not that cold and we had hot tub in our hotell room aswell as one outside (sweet).
my body is still sore from all the boarding though.
it's a four hour drive from san francisco and it's really cool to see how the climate changes as you drive. and man was it a beautiful drive. the lanskape here is just incredible. you see everything lakes, big trees, hill's, mountains, cows,highways with 12 lains, suv's, starbucks (i'm not kidding there allover the place).
one bad thing happend though. we were on our way to go get something to eat when the car lost tracktion on the long icy hill and we slamed into the guard rail at the bottom. we weren't going that fast the car just woulden't respond due to the ice.
we were all ok but dan's little gtx lost it's right front light

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

san francisco #13

yesterday we had another great lecture from kallie mcloughhlin who is a theacher at berkley university about csr (corporate social responsibility). it's wierd how the classes here are so much better than the education we get in denmark. it's really inspiring with a teacher who uses the art of story telling in thier teaching methods. picture by jo

oscars wheels

oscar in my class when't to LA and got himself moby dick.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

san francisco #12

chillin outside class on haakons new bike.

Monday, March 06, 2006

san francisco #11

cool mural in the mission district

Sunday, March 05, 2006

san francisco #10

party night. the best part of this night was when this bum on the street saw thomas and said, "oh shit you look like a mix between howard stern and rod stewart". haha he was funny as hell, he charged a buck a joke and we ended up paying him six bucks and it was all worth it. he followed us from 5th stree to 11th street.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

san francisco #9

so i moved in with dan and nick. this place is sweet. here is a picture of the view from the island were i live.

Friday, March 03, 2006

san francisco #8

a shit load of comercials (not as entertaining as i thought they would be.)
-dukes of hazzards (from '78 sweet)
-hate music documentary on discovery ( just wierd)
-viva la bam (did that show ever peak?)
-that 70's show (reruns butt still good.)
-the flavor of love (is the new game show
where falvor flav gets to pick his
geto queen) best thing i have seen forever.
-the daily show with john stewart (funny and fast political satire every week day)
-smokie and the bandit (best burt reynolds ever did)
-good times (i remeber the days...)
-wild boys (dude that thing is poisonous.)
-an amerikan warewolf in london (still cutting it.)
-csi (wherever)
-the corben rapport (funny but not av good as the daily show)
-real tv (real shit cought on camera, somtimes crazy)
-dave chapelle (always great)
-war games (why don't they make them like this any more?)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

san francisco #7

kenneth andré, me, hanne and jorg keepin it street.