Sunday, March 12, 2006

lake tahoe

my first real road trip.
me, dan, nick (the myggens) and their friend john when't up to lake tahoe this friday to go snowboarding. it was great! the snow blows of your board like dust of a windshield, its not that cold and we had hot tub in our hotell room aswell as one outside (sweet).
my body is still sore from all the boarding though.
it's a four hour drive from san francisco and it's really cool to see how the climate changes as you drive. and man was it a beautiful drive. the lanskape here is just incredible. you see everything lakes, big trees, hill's, mountains, cows,highways with 12 lains, suv's, starbucks (i'm not kidding there allover the place).
one bad thing happend though. we were on our way to go get something to eat when the car lost tracktion on the long icy hill and we slamed into the guard rail at the bottom. we weren't going that fast the car just woulden't respond due to the ice.
we were all ok but dan's little gtx lost it's right front light


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