Monday, March 20, 2006

san francisco #14

wow! ok saturday night was probably one of the best party nights iv'e ever had,
shit was crazy. it started of with this dinner with our princepal uffe elbeck who has just come over from denmark for a quick visit at this place called asia sf. it was linn corinne and oscar from my art group my team leader kristin, christian strike his wife kate (more about them later.), karin, uffe his lover and me. the place was great all the waiters are the hotest transvestites i've ever seen. and they were all like "how you dooin' sweetie your drinks will be right over cutiepie, wow you look sweet tonight sugar" and beeing super toutchy feely. i'm telling you it was real confusing cuz you would find your self checking out some dude in a wig and hotpants. the food was good and just keept comming. every half an hour the lights dimmed and the crowd stated cheering that meat it was time for a show. there was a bar in the middle of the resturant that they used for a catwalk and then it really got crazy. and then i struck me that im am sitting with my teacher(kristin), the second in command at school(karin) and my principal(uffe) and we were having a blast. i love this school.

after that we wen't to rolf arne's (norwegian names gotta love 'em) place for his birthday party. that was wild. but after the neighbor complained we had to leave.
we ended up at this club called fluid down town. and beeing twenty kaos pilots we did what we do best, completely take over the place. there was booty shakin' all over. and when that place closed down marie had hooked up with the dj and we went limo riding and ended up in some v.i.p room in some other club and it just keept going, that night was of the hook (always wanted to use that expression).

how many girls are on the pictures in this post?
winner gets a brand new cadillac


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Bring it on!

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tjockis svara då. måns

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