Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The best graffiti documentary since Style Wars, not kidding. Even if you're not into garffiti you should check out the all the episodes 1 though 10.
There are som real classics here.
What's bugged me with other graffiti documentaries are that they haven't answered any questions Style Wars hasn't allready brought up, and that film came out '83.

Well this one dosen't really answer any unasked questions but it follows the characters more and does a more in depth/personal portrayal of the writers the film is about. And that is some thing I haven't seen in a graffiti film in awhile.
They talk to some of the wrighters parents with is really intresting.

Supposedly Earsnot (what a hero! one of the most vibrant characters in the film) was arrested at his job after the film came out.
The cops had followed his trail of tags made in broad day light in the film and used it as evidence.

the verdict:
8 1/2 of 10 barbecuedbaconwrapedchickenbreasts


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