Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Can't live without them

I was feeling real down yesterday, for a whole bunch of reasons like money, work, private, this messed up book I just finished, you name it. This was wierd cuz im usually a totall happy go lucky kind of guy pretty much all the time and that day I was just bummed out for no aparent reson more like an amalgamation of all kinds of stuff.
Natalie was on msn and that made me feel better. Then Susanna showed up aswell on msn and thy skys started to clear up. After work I walked Clara home and we talked about all kinds of things that helped alot. Kenta made me a delicious burrito (sweet.).
Finn called me up and asked if I wanted to hang out at his place with Gunnar?
But i was still feeling like a rainy day so I declined and headed home with the Ipod Clara let me borrow (since mine got stolen in Denmark).
Listening to music really helps.
I got home to find my roomin Caroline chillin beeing super hungry and me beeing pitifully broke she bought me a sushi dinner (wow). On the way to pick up the food I met Sabine on the street and she told me she had heard I was hangin out with som sketchy dude, but that was only a mixup with names and I didn't even know the person she was talkin about. That made her happy and it felt nice to know that somenone I don't see that often was thinkin about me. Nadia showed up and she always makes me smile. She was also feeling low but we allways get each other laughing, this time to. We all talked for awhile and I droped Sabine of at Jenifers place were she was also worried about me haning out with that dude I didn't even know.
How could I feel down with all these people around me caring for me, things were definitely clearing up. I went home and ate my suchi with Croline and Jaws (like one of the bestest movies ever) was on svt (no comercials, sweet).

thank you all for beeing there.
mucho liebe


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